Nathalie Brun – born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Resident in Austria since 1991. Broad musical spectrum that is reflected in the cooperation with various bands and artists: Hugo Strasser • pt art Orchester • Monday Night Orchestra • Ansa-Partie • New Ohr Linz Dixie Band • Matt Schuh • Charlie Haynes • John Lee Sanders • Die Metalliker • OÖ Militärkommando Orchester • Heinz von Hermann • First Line Band • Late Night Band … and various • rock bands!

Vocal training
– at the Ecole Professionelle de Chant Christian Dorion in Montreal, Canada – Classical singing with Josef Nowak – Jazz workshops with Ali Gaggl and Ines Reiger – Vocal training with Karin Bachner.

» Nathalie Brun is a singer with a heart-warming voice and personality. Without any airs, she imprints the acoustic space with her warm and charismatic timbre. Her songs come along in a tremendously large width – their interpretations move in a field of tension between feminine softness and rocking roughness – always authentic. «   (Rundschau, 2009)

» A strong stage presence! «   (Tips, 2009)